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Inground Burial


Willowbrook has approximately 35 acres of property, of which the majority of space is dedicated to in-ground burials. Traditionally, in-ground burials have been the preferred final resting option.scenic beauty

The space for a ground burial is called a plot. The size of a plot can vary from a single, to a double-depth, to a family estate. Your purchase is based on personal preference, and is entirely your choice.              

Another element of ground burial is the memorial marker. Markers are made of either bronze or granite; bronze memorials highlight the enduring beauty of semiprecious metals, while granite markers offer a variety of colors.

The size of the marker or monument can range from a single individual stone to a large custom design. Custom designs, tailored to individual needs, are available in both types of memorials. Traditional designs and carvings include dogwood, floral and roses. Meaningful emblems may also adorn the monument, such as a cross, Bible, Star of David, or military emblem. The decisions on color, size, design and inscription are entirely yours.

large headstone
angel marker
family headstones

There are other items that can be included on your plot, such as corner markers and benches, and Willowbrook has a display elaborate markeronsite that may help you in that decision making process. We will work with you to select, create and design your stone, and install the foundation as well. There is an additional fee for digging and creating the foundation from cement, and the cost is based on the size of the stone, and the work involved. One of our experienced Willowbrook staff will work with you and provide an estimate for the labor and materials.

For information on markers and prices, or to get a quote on a foundation, please contact the Willowbrook office at 203-222-8646.

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